Drawing was a natural thing for me to do since both by parents were graduates of an art university.
They taught me various ways of drawing such as sketching, painting in watercolors, painting in acrylics, paintings in oils...
That is why drawing was a part of my life.

I once thought about entering an art university but got tired of being forced to draw and instead, I went to the Toyo University to learn architecture.
However, I was not satisfied with my life there.

The motive for changing my life was New York where I went for sightseeing.
New York gave me the opportunity that I saw works of Henri Matisse.
Seeing the works made me excited and changed my view of drawing.
"I wish I drew freely like Matisse."
A passion of drawing came back to me and I started to draw again.

After graduating the Toyo University,
I went to New York again to study.
There, I met many artists who gave me a lots of influence and made me grew as "an artist."
It means I started not drawing,
but "creating."

After New York,
I worked as a designer in a creative agency in Japan.
During the time, off course, I continued to create my works.

I came to Paris to get a chance to show my works to people all over the world.